Oct 22, 2008

Season 1 Episode 6 - Secret Guardian

After Bloom gave Stella's ring to the Witches to save Stella, the Winx Club intends to get Stella's ring back-by sneaking into Cloud Tower. They get the ring safely without the Witches noticing, but Bloom delays them a bit, and Griffin notices that they're in Cloud Tower, so she casts bugs and a slime monster to attack them. They get out safely, but Griselda and Faragonda notice what they've done, and take the girls' powers away as punisment.

Aug 25, 2008

Season 1 Episode 5

After some cooking disasters in the kitchen our girls finds out Stella has a date with her beloved prince Sky. Happy she announce the news which the three witches hears. They are determined to disturb her little party and even squash their relationship. The other girls has no clue why Stella agressively responds to them … would this cost all friendships of Stella? Find it out at the new episode of Winx Club

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Jul 14, 2008

Season 1 Episode 4

The field trip starts and the girls task is to listen to the voice of nature. The voice is always present and to enforce their concentration they aren’t allowed to perform spells. Our party wanders off in the woods finding their hero’s ship screaming down at them. They crashes and releases a troll. Shocked our fairies helps their friends to capture this troll and imprison it once and for all.

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Jun 21, 2008

Season 1 Episode 3

Another episode of Winx Club up at this archive site. This time Bloom calls forth her winx. Will the winx be enough to defeat the three witches? At any case it’s party time, the boys (hero’s) goes to Elfia to celebrate the new year. It’s a great ball and hopefully Bloom is able to dance with Sky.

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May 26, 2008

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2 “More than a school” is up. Bloom is finally at Elfia, however she’s not listed as a student at school. Lucky Stella has a easy solution and Bloom remains at school. She discovers her roommates and finds out some of their magic abilities. The school is great and Bloom can’t wait to see the magical city. At the city she meets three witches....

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May 25, 2008

Season 1 Episode 1

The second toon on Hirvine.com is Winx Club. Today I upped episode 1 , It Feels Like Magic. Bloom is going to find out she’s not a ordinary girl. The episode starts when Bloom meets Stella being attacked. She manages the support this unknown girl. By doing so she creates a flashing barrier which bounches her attackers away.

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May 14, 2008

The Specialists

The Specialists
Main article: List of minor Winx Club characters#The Specialists
The Specialists are a group of students who attend an all-boys school near Alfea, Red Fountain School For Specialists. Several Specialists have become the boyfriends of the Winx girls.

Sky:The prince of Eraklyon, he feels stifled by his position. He has medium blond hair. He is Bloom's boyfriend. As he loves Bloom, he refuses to marry Princess Diaspro, the girl of his parents' choice.
Brandon: Sky's squire, a great swordsman and ladies' man. He has short brown hair. He is Stella's boyfriend.
Timmy: He acts as the geek of the group sometimes, from a long line of scientists. He has short ginger hair. He is Tecna's boyfriend. He is shy, sweet, and smart.
Riven: A lone wolf, very competitive and good at sports. He has short red spiked hair. He is a chauvinist; he and Aisha, a feminist, are in opposition. He is Musa's boyfriend.
Helia: An artistic student, he is a great pilot and a pacifist, although his grandfather, Saladin, is the Headmaster of Red Fountain. He has long black hair tied into a loose ponytail. He is also very romantic and shy about directly speaking about his feelings. He is very good at laser string glove and tries to help everyone with it. He is Flora's boyfriend. He was the top student in Redfountain until he decided to quit and dedicate his life to nature and poetry. He has rejoined Redfountain now.